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Menlo Park

About Menlo Park

Menlo Park borders other upmarket areas known as Waterkloof, Brooklyn and Lynnwood.

Menlo Park was first established between the 1950s and 1970s. It was then the most eastern suburb of Pretoria, but the city has grown considerably and expanded eastwards since then. Today these suburbs are known as the old east and boast some of the city’s most high-end residential properties. Together with Brooklyn and Lynnwood, it was most likely named after American counterparts. It is the opinion that this reflects the suburb’s less ‘oppressive’ image, when compared to that of leafy Waterkloof and other areas which have many street names reflecting the British Empire.

Menlo Park is ideally situated in a central position near the N1 highway, within easy reach of the central business district. Therefore, it is just minutes away from upmarket and large entertainment facilities and shopping malls such as Menlyn Park and Brooklyn Mall. Menlo Park boasts a revamped heart, with a theatre, fantastic coffee bars, superlative restaurants and cafés. It is the site of Menlo Park High School and lies near the University of Pretoria. Menlo Park was the home of iconic South African artist Walter Battiss, whose former home has been converted into a residential development with guesthouse known as Fook Island.



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