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Selling your home

What we do ...


  • Our agent will do a listing of your home and complete a Current Market Analysis (CMA). This indicates properties which are similar to yours and which have been listed and sold as well as recent registrations in South Africa Property Transfer Guide. These findings combined with the information of comparable properties for sale in your area will assist you to establish a market related price.
  • Our agent will require you to complete a “Permission to Sell” form. This form is for your protection and stipulates exactly that which is to be included, or excluded, in the sale of your home.
  • Prior to the registration of a property, a Certificate of Compliance (electrical installation safety use) must be obtained. You Harcourts Capital agent can supply you with names of accredited contractors.
  • Before commencing with the marketing of your home, it is essential that any necessary repairs be attended to.
  • Non-fixtures, which will not be included, should be removed to prevent confusion.
  • Available plans of your home are an advantage, affording prospective purchasers the opportunity of considering the possibility of additions or alterations


How to stay safe while selling your home