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Mary van Ede

Mary van Ede

I joined Harcourts Capital in April 2010 as the front desk receptionist and data capturer. In April 2012, following a restructuring I was then appointed to the functions of Marketing, Media, e-Technology and IT.  I very much enjoy my work and the whole creative process.

I come from an Administrative, PA, Human Resources and Project Management background having worked in many different industries. This was my first foray into Real Estate and it has been different and very challenging.

I am a single mom of three and was born in Johannesburg South, having moved to Pretoria in September 2007 to follow my dream of working in the Media Industry. Sadly for them, happily for Harcourts Capital that dream didn't work out and I followed a new dream, here I am!

I love the outdoors, reading, writing and painting and love Pretoria, I would never move back to Johannesburg as Pretoria is just so much better for me and my family!