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Richard Morley

Richard Morley

Born in Durban but lived in the Eastern Cape for the last 20 years before moving to Pretoria in November 2013. Schooling was done in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal.


Expertise and Qualitfications:

Becoming a Property Consultant was a total pardigm shift especially in moving to Pretoria from Port Elizabeth. It meant having to learn new skills all over again, an exciting challenge in itself but I have the advantage of seeing Pretoria and the property market with a fresh outlook.  While having worked at a Building Society for 16 years afforded an insight into the property market, the demands of being a Consultant on the ground creates a new challenge. Completed the Building Societies Institute Certificate Course. Intimately involved in setting up and running two cold storage and processing plants for the Squid Industry in the Eastern Cape. Most recently being involved in media sales for a small company in Port Elizabeth.


Sales Achievements:

I have sold property in excess of R15 million.


Awards and Recognition:

In 2016, I received the Merit Award for consitent achievement.


Mission Statement:

To provide clients both seller and buyer with the best service possible to satisfy their needs and expectations. Strive to learn and understand the demands of the property market to ensure that I am the best agent within my area to exceed my client’s expectations.






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