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Tamara Takacs-Windt

Tamara Takacs-Windt

I am Tamara Windt, the typical feisty red-head!! Being serious about my ambitions, I am dedicated and tenacious in persuing my objectives and those of my clients. Born in Sweden with Eastern European parents, I was primarily raised in Pretoria. The East European influence, coupled with a musical background, has blessed me with an “artistic temperament”. My temperament is balanced by a most relaxed, yet fun-filled and adventurous “Dutchman”, making ours, a “marriage made in heaven”. Our two mischievous treasures, Bianca and Sebastian, give us an excuse to keep up with all games that life has to offer! I like to think that we invest a lot of our creative energy into our home, our family and our inner circle. I do like beautiful, elegant and harmonious surroundings, yet I also enjoy the bush and the beauty it has to offer.


Expertise and Qualifications:

My property background started many, many years ago with Southern Sun Leisure Investments, working and living at Sabie River Sun. Telecommunications, printing and further technical sales entered my life over the last couple of years. On returning to South Africa in 2003, property was once again on the agenda, however due to other considerations, it was put on hold for a while. I am back and with a vengeance. When one has a love for homes and homes that make people happy, how can one stop this venture in life. I am usually emotional in my approach to life but am sensitive and aware of feelings in and around me. I never take things at face value and am always probing beneath the surface of people and situations to discover what is REALLY going on. My drive and energy is directed towards practical material accomplishments and achieving concrete results. That means, I work hard and, if needs be, will forgo immediate comfort to achieve my long range goals. I am sincere and have a strong sense of personal integrity – where I dislike emotional games and dishonesty. I am passionate about dealing with people, their situations and the scenarios they create for me. How else can we learn about aspects of life if we don’t get out there and surround ourselves with LIFE! Professionally, I will utilise all the right tools at my disposal to continue my success as a real estate agent and your success as an investor by enabling you to make the right choice of investment and ensuring your peace of mind in the investments that you make

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