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Buying a home?

Should you be looking to buy a home, feel free to explore the pull down menus under the 'buy' category or click on the links below, and peruse all we have to offer in this regard.


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What you will find ....


Register for New Property Alerts to be informed of new properties on the market.


The Bond Qualifying Criteria when buying a house


Home Buyers Pre-Qualification Path when buying a house


Home Buyers in SA getting old


The Transfer Process of property


General  information for buying a house


Calculators of transfer and bond costs


Why it is recommended to Use an Agent when buying property


Searching through property and Finding your Home


Reviews and Reports of Suburbs


Bond Approval and how to achieve it


Necessary requirements for FICA


ooba - Bond originators


Efficient Advise - Independent Financial Expertise


Checklist of Costs


Transfer and Bond Costs


Tips for House Hunting


Buying? Don’t alter the property until the transfer goes through


5 Dangerous Property Myths Debunked


Paying the price of a 100 percent loan


Property Search

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