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Bond approval

Bond approval - Fast


In order to assist the bond consultant in giving you the best possible service, put together the required documentation listed below.

This will ensure the speediest possible process:






  • Proof of income / Latest payslip
  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate or ANC Contract
  • Copy of the Offer to Purchase
  • 3 Months Personal bank statements


For commission earners


  • Proof of last 3 months commission earnings
  • Statement
  • of Personal assets and liabilities



  • Proof of income / Accountant’s letter confirming income of applicant
  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate or ANC Contract
  • Copy of Offer to Purchase
  • 6 Months Personal bank statements
  • 6 Months business account bank statements
  • Last 2 years Financial Statements. Where Annual Financial Statements are older than 6 months, Management Accounts not older that 2 months signed by the applicant and accountant must be provided in addition to the Annual Financial Statements
  • Copy of Registration Documents or Trust Deed
  • Statement of Personal Assets and Liabilities


Steps taken to effect transfer of a mortage bond





Receive instructions from the Bank to attend to the Mortgage Bond.


Determine ranking of the bond.


Request the original title deed from the existing bond holder, a Flysheet (draft title deed) from the Attorneys attending to the registration of the transfer linked to the bond or from the client if the title deed is in his or her possession.

Draw Bond Documents.


Call upon the Client to attend to the signing of the documents drafted to give effect to the registration of the Mortgage Bond.


If a single bond is to be registered, same is lodged as soon as the existing title deed is received from the existing bond holder or the client.


If the bond is linked to a transfer handled by another attorney, we wait for their instructions to lodge both the transfer and the Mortgage Bond simultaneously.


After examination of the bond documents by the Deeds Office (which currently takes about 7 – 10 working days) the transfer and the bond, or the single bond is registered and the bond proceeds paid into our trust account.


The transferring attorneys receive the bond proceeds from us on date of registration, or if a single bond is registered, the bond proceeds are paid to the client on date of registration of the bond.


Upon registration of the Mortgage Bond in the Deeds Office, the Bank becomes the legal holder of the title deed, which is forwarded to the bank where it is kept until instructions are requested to cancel the bond.



To view the procedures is an easy to read, one page document, click here to download in the PDF format.




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