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General information

General Information


Recognising that today’s client is better educated and better informed, plus better protected with the introduction of the CPA, than at any other time in South African Real Estate history, today’s Agents must constantly strive to improve their performance with both Buyers and Sellers by attending seminars and meetings; by being NQF4 compliant before end 2013 or having enrolled at an accredited service provider. New intern agents will be closely mentored and monitored while attaining qualifications over a period of 12 – 18 months. Agents must endeavour to be enthused by reading motivational material regularly, by practising their structured sales presentations and by being and/or becoming fully computer literate. (H1 – Harcourts One, being the fore runner of global real estate technology. The financial institutions are coming into the Real Estate field. Leading banks and Conveyancers are investing in Estate Agencies, MLS, Private Sellers and other. Estate Agencies have been affiliating with Bond Originators over the past decade. The Harcourts Real Estate Group works closely with Ooba.


Harcourts Capital is a household name and is part of Harcourts, one of South Africa’s largest  property groups with over 155 agencies nationwide, also offering an established international referral system with amongst other countries Australia, Canada,  China, Fiji, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, UAE and the USA.





We are a service organisation and have built our reputation by honest dealings and by serving the general public to the best of our abilities. It is therefore essential that all of us conduct our sales activities with honesty, sound ethics and integrity. It is expected that we be enthusiastic, that we know our business and develop empathy with our clients and colleagues, that we deal swiftly with all matters, and in this manner, together, we will ensure our future. We request you to submit to Management any suggestions which you have for the improvement of our procedures, our policies, or our office organisation. It is our objective, by following certain rules, that we establish a clear understanding between Management and Agents. Ultimately, we are in a partnership, which must be mutually beneficial. It is impossible to draft rules which will cover every situation, but when each one of us lives and works by the principles of the golden rule ‘do unto others as you would have done unto yourself’ few problems will arise.


Qualities expected from agents:


To be enthusiastic, self driven and committed to enhance skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis. To be neat in appearance, well groomed at all times. To keep and have a reliable, clean motorcar. To be loyal to colleagues and to Management. To co-operate fully with Management and colleagues. To be courteous and diplomatic at all times. To adhere to the policies and ethics of the Institute of the Estate Agents and the Estate Agents Affairs Board at all times.






In house training is at no cost due to the joining fee. Harcourts training costs are borne on a 50/50 basis (subject to Management’s discretion). Board Exam Course and NQF4 (Download for more information on the NQF4 - from the EAAB) course is for the Agent’s account, where possible a bursary will be applied for to assist the agent to become NQF4 compliant. Should due to circumstance an Agent leave our employ within a one-year period, the Agent will be required to reimburse Harcourts Capital for the sponsored Harcourts and NQF4 training courses.