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Applying to Rent

Applying to rent


When you have chosen a home to rent, you will need to fill in an ‘Application to Rent’ form which you can obtain from your letting consultant. The ‘Application to Rent’ requires you to fill in your name, address, ID number and employer’s details, as examples of the information required. You will also be required to provide copies of your ID, your most recent salary advice and your last 3 months’ original bank statements. The completed documentation will be used to formally assess your application and your credit worthiness (through TPN) for leasing the property you have selected. A credit check as well as feedback from your referees will be obtained as part of the application assessment, and by signing the application form you will be agreeing to the credit history enquiry.






A deposit is necessary to protect the landlord’s investment and as security to cover any damages caused, or default, during the lease term. Harcourts Capital is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board and we operate a trust account in terms of the Estate Agency Affairs Act. This account is audited annually. However, we only retain the deposit when we do the management of the property, otherwise the deposit will be held by the Landlord.



Your lease agreement

After your application has been favourably assessed, you need to sign a lease for the home you have chosen to rent. Your letting consultant will prepare and explain the lease document in detail. Please take time to read the lease and understand all the provisions contained in the document. Important issues to focus on are rules of the property concerned; i.e. allowances for pets, maintenance, the charges which you will be required to pay and the lease terms and escalation clauses. Your lease agreement is legally binding and totally compliant with the Rental Housing Act. It has been drawn up to protect both the landlord and yourself. The lease ensures that financial issues such as rental increases, deposit and damage claims are dealt with in a fair, transparent and professional manner. You will be given a copy of the signed lease agreement for your records and reference purposes.



What does the tenant agree to?

To pay your rent on or before the 1st of every month without deduction or demand. To use your home as a private dwelling only. Not to sub-let your home nor any part thereof for either a definite or an indefinite period. To maintain the interior of your home and garden if any and to keep it in a good condition at all times. Not to undertake alterations without prior written permission from the landlord. Not to overcrowd. To abide by the House Rules at all times. Not to commit a nuisance. To return your home in good condition; i.e. the condition in which you received it.



What does the landlord agree to?

Your undisturbed use and enjoyment of your home. To carry out urgent repairs that interferes with proper use and your enjoyment of the property you have rented.