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10 most frequently asked questions and answers




If I have a burglary and my goods are stolen am I covered by insurance?

No. The property insurance does not cover your personal belongings.



Can the landlord or his agent enter my home whenever he pleases?

No. Neither the landlord nor his agent may enter your home without your consent. You are however expected to provide reasonable access to your home for the purpose of inspection or repairs.



If I get permission to install a security gate, burglar guards or fitted carpets and do so, can I remove them when I vacate?

No. Fixtures and fittings are permanent and become the property of the landlord. Unless the landlord requires you to remove them and to reinstate the unit to its original condition, at your own cost.



Can I give notice from the 15th of a month until the 15th of the following month?

Unless the Lease Agreement states otherwise, notice is given in “calendar’ months; ie from the first to the end of the month.



Is there any law which exists to protect my rights?

Yes. The Rental Housing Act and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) which protects both yourself and the landlord from exploiting each other and against other forms of unfair practice.



What would happen to me if the unit is sold?

If your home is sold, the new owner is bound to honour any rental agreement existing at the time of the sale.



Can I withhold rent if the landlord fails to carry out maintenance?

No. The landlord is only obliged to carry out such repairs and maintenance that are not merely an inconvenience but that make it impossible for the use and enjoyment of your home.



Does the landlord have to give a reason for terminating my lease?

No. The lease agreement allows a landlord to issue a notice to vacate without giving a reason, provided the correct notice is applied. In short, the landlord is saying “this is my property and I want it back please”. Though this sounds harsh, and may be in certain instances, it is legal.



What factors may cause the landlord to end my lease?

Termination of a fixed period lease: Late payment of rent; Disorderly conduct; Damage to the property; Any breach of the lease agreement.



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