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Moving in

Moving in


After you have signed your lease and paid the deposit and first month’s rental, you will be entitled to move into your new home. Even though your home has been inspected by our letting consultant or maintenance inspector and yourself, please report anything which is missing or not working within 7 days of moving in. The ingoing inspection will serve as the baseline against which the unit’s condition will be compared when you vacate and when the outgoing inspection is conducted.





What happens if I don’t pay my rent?


Failure to pay, continuous late payment of rent, or withholding payment is a violation of the rental agreement. Such action gives the landlord the right to cancel the lease. Reminder and final demand letters together with penalty surcharges are levied in the event of delayed rental payment and hence it is very important to ensure that rent is paid promptly and consistently.




Maintenance and repairs


If at any time you have a problem with a maintenance item of any kind, please contact your landlord or our office (if we are managing the property) for assistance. The relevant contact details will be discussed with you when you sign the lease agreement. Your lease agreement will define who is responsible for the costs of the maintenance items concerned.



Moving out


When you want to move out you must give written notice. Your lease stipulates the notice period or expiry date of the agreement. Please contact your letting consultant for assistance if you are unsure of what notice period is required in terms of your lease. Your rent must be up to date. An outgoing inspection will be carried out to see if the unit is in the same condition as when you moved in. Any damages during your occupation and identified by comparing the “in” and “out” inspections will be repaired and paid for from your deposit at your expense.



Deposit refund


When you vacate the property, and if there are no outstanding rental, deductions for damages or repairs in the unit, as well us obtaining confirmation that the municipal account is settled, your deposit will be refunded to you including interest accrued at an interest rate that will be discussed and documented in the lease agreement.