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Your house is your biggest asset

Where do sales come from?


The sale of your property is probably one of the most important decisions you may ever make



Factors directly influencing the property market


  • Supply and demand
  • Finance – Availability and cost of capital
  • Socio-political Climate





What to consider when selling your property


Selling your property raises a number of very important issues you need to consider. Addressing these correctly will have a significant impact on the amount you receive from the sale of your property.





The Price


Ask your agent to provide you with an accurate comparative market analysis, which compares property to other similar properties that you have recently sold and that are for sale. This is the only way to accurately determine what your market value is. Don’t list with the agent that just promises you the highest price. This means nothing and is an unethical way for an estate agent to secure your listing, only to disappoint you later. It is the market that determines the market value, not the agent.



The Marketing


To achieve the maximum market value, it’s imperative your property receives a comprehensive, written and guaranteed marketing plan. Don’t fall for empty promises. Ask your agent to provide you with such a written marketing plan and make sure you are comfortable your property will be exposed to attract the best buyers in the market.



The Service


Poor service will cost you dearly. A written promise gives you the piece of mind that the levels of communication and feedback will keep you fully informed. Don’t believe any empty promises. Make sure it is in writing. And make sure your mandate includes a clause that allows you to cancel the mandate should the agent not deliver their service and marketing plans.



The Fees


One size does not fit it all. Make sure you pay a fee that is fair, and relates to the marketing and service your agent will deliver. At Harcourts Capital, we have a number of different selling and marketing packages that gives you the flexibility to choose a product that suits your pocket and needs.



The Agent


There are many agents to choose from. Are agents are not equal. Choose an agent who:


  • You feel you can trust
  • Is trained, skilled and has local area knowledge
  • Can offer you a choice in marketing and selling methods. Who doesn’t just tell you how it has to be
  • Uses technology to market your property and communicate with you
  • Has a buyer database  they can market to
  • Is a part of a national and international referral network so that you can have access to those buyers
  • Provides a written marketing plan and services undertaking
  • Is part of an estate agency that has market share
  • Demonstrates their skills to you by the way they present their offering. If they can’t sell to you, how will they sell to a purchaser
  • You feel you like and can work with


Ultimately, as a seller, your decision will have a significant impact on the result you achieve and the experience you have. Ensure you choose an agent and agency  on their ability to market  and sell your property, not on the price they promise you, which in any event, is determined by the market not the agent. Together you can work to achieve the best price the market will pay. When you select wisely you will ensure you receive the service, marketing and skills necessary to sell your property for a market-related price while at the same time ensuring the experience is a pleasant one. For more information, please contact our office or the relevant agent by clicking on their email address and a suitable, qualified real estate professional will assist you.



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Questions to ask the agent / agency


If you are not going to entrust us with marketing your property, please ask the following questions to qualify any other estate agency/agent with whom you want to do business:





The Agent


  • How long have you been in real estate?
  • Are you a qualified agent or candidate agent?
  • What is the average number of days on the market for homes you list before they sell?
  • What is your list price to sell price ratio?
  • Can I have a copy of your marketing plan?
  • What is the average selling price for this area?
  • If so, how many and where?
  • How many houses are sold in our suburb on average per month?
  • What is the highest and lowest price achieved over the last 3 months?
  • What is your commission rate and does that include VAT?
  • What price range would you market our home at?
  • Do you have any references?



The Agency

  • How long has your estate agency been in operation?
  • How many people are employed, or are you a sole proprietor?
  • Is your agency well known, and can you supply me with recent newspaper advertisements of your agency? (Compare these to others)
  • Is your agency associated with a referral network, and if so which one?
  • What training does your agency give its agents?
  • Please tell me exactly how your estate agency intends marketing my property?




You want to sell your property at the highest possible price, within a reasonable period of time and with the least inconvenience.