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A 'pat on the back'!

Roadshow - 2019


We are very proud of our team who succeeded tremendously at the Roadshow this week.



Achievement Award Commission Generated


Soti Christodoulou - Platinum & Silver

Linda Meiring - Platinum

Denize du Toit - Gold

Magda Boshoff - Gold & Bronze

Iola Heim - Silver

Erwin van der Westhuizen - Bronze



Certificate of Excellence Award


Soti Christodoulou - R400 Million

Linda Meiring - R200 Million

Denize du Toit - R100 Million

Edward - R50 Million






Maxiumum Registered Sales 2018


During our year end function on 07 December 2018, the following agents received recognition for their sales:


5th Runner Up - Helen Papaspyrou


4th Runner Up - Saret Botha


3rd Runner Up - Magda Boshoff


2nd Runner Up -Elna Barnard


Runner Up - Linda Meiring


Agent of the Year - Soti Christodoulou










Specialist Awards 2018


During our year end function, the following agents received Specialist Trophies and Certificates:


Blue Bull (Showhouses): Richard Morley

Eagle (Sole Mandates): Denize du Toit

Tug-of-War (Persistence): Helen Papaspyrou

Merit (Consistent Achiever): Helen Papaspyrou & Saret Botha

Rising Star of the Year: Magda Boshoff

Runner Up Rental Agent: Purdy Francis

Rental Agent of the Year: Iola Heim








Millions Awards 2018


The following agents received recognition for their Millions while working at Harcourts Capital:



5 Million - Anli van Greunen

10 Million - Tamara Takacs-Windt

15 Million - Iola Heim

25 Million -  Karin Tengstrom

30 Million - Richard Morley

40 Million - Magda Boshoff

50 Million - Saret Botha

55 Million - Edward Hamer

60 Million - Dennis Hamer

65 Million - Elsa Fourie

85 Million - Helen Papaspyrou

100 Million - Denize du Toit

115 Million - Erwin van der Westhuizen

175 Million - Nellie Rossouw

190 Million - Linda Meiring

230 Million - Elna Barnard

420 Million - Soti Christodoulou


Congratulations to every individual who succeeded tremendously!
















Quarterly Winners July - September 2018


Our quarterly winners for July to September are as follow:


3rd Achiever - Elna Barnard


2nd Achiever - Linda Meiring


1st Achiever - Soti Christodoulou



Congrats ladies!







Quarterly Winners April - June 2018


We had our annual Spring Party with a 50's Rock and Roll twist. The agents had a blast of the past while twisting, enjoying food and singing karaoke. During the party, we had 4 winners for best dressed:


1st Place - Elsa Fourie
2nd Place - Saret Botha
3rd Place - Magda Boshoff and Anli van Greunen


Our quarterly winners were also announced during the event for April - June 2018:

1st Place - Linda Meiring
2nd Place - Soti Christodoulou
3rd Place - Magda Boshoff


Congratulations to our winners and thanks for everyone who organized and participated in the event!