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Linda Meiring

Linda Meiring

For the past fifteen years I have been involved in the property market as a real estate agent.  What a journey and one that I will never regret!  I grew up in the Free State and received a B Soc Sc degree at the University of the Free State. As a social worker, with majors in Social Work and Psychology, it was not difficult for me to make this huge career change.  I dare say that I am doing as much professional social work as a real estate agent as during my years as social worker.  The responsibility of working with the client’s biggest asset is huge. A seller or purchaser invites you into their family’s lives, they share very private information with you and rely on you for guidance, trust and integrity. My husband and biggest supporter is, Piet Meiring.  Between the two of us we have seven children; they are all married; now we are fortunate to have fourteen children!  We just heard that grandchild number eighteen will be born in August 2018.  One big happy family!


Expertise and Qualifications:


I started working as a property consultant in 2002 and took over the company in 2006. For five years I was the principal agent and specialised in new full and sectional title developments. During September 2011 I joined Harcourts Capital, specialising mainly in the Old East of Pretoria.  In the past three years I focused on the Lynnwood Glen suburb.  The result is a 90%+ market share in this fast growing area, less than two kilometres from Menlyn Main. I am a full status agent, holding a Fidelity Fund Certificate of the EAAB and complying with the CPD training, that is required of every profession in South Africa.


Sales Achievements:


I have sold property in excess of R152 million.


Awards and recognition:


Received the Runner up, 2nd price trophy for Top Agent for the year 2017.


No person is an island! I am grateful for all the awards that I have received during the past seven years, but I must acknowledge the professional team behind me.  Excellent mentorship from our managing director, the professionalism and training from Harcourts Capital, Harcourts nationally and internationally as well as the always willing and able admin department, guided me and inspired me.


Mission Statement:


The HARCOURTS PROMISE AND VALUES say it all!  I endeavour to gain my clients’ trust, to never act in any way that would do harm to the profession of the real estate agent.  I want my clients to experience that I enjoy working with them and that I always treat every transaction with the respect and integrity that it deserves.