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Riana Louw

Riana Louw

I joined Harcourts Capital in April 2012 and I love every minute of it ... I have learned a lot and have grown as a person. I was working in a totally different field for seven years and due to my husband’s job we got transferred to Pretoria and I had to look for a new job. As plans worked out the Lord lead me to Harcourts Capital!

At first I thought I would never make it in this industry but with great training and guidance I now feel confident and comfortable in my work. I consider myself lucky to work with this team.

I am a 31 year old happily married woman, born in Keetmanshoop (Namibia) and raised in Kuruman. I love the outdoors and of course shopping, however my ultimate relaxation is with a good book or watching a good movie in the leisure of my own home on my own couch with popcorn!!!

My favourite holiday destination is Swakopmund (Namibia) or let’s just say anywhere in Namibia and the coast, as long as I can hear, see and smell the ocean I am happy!!! I love spending time with my family, we are quite a big family ... five sisters and one brother ... which makes the Christmas holidays even more special!!! I am also very lucky in that I have a twin sister who is also living in Pretoria and this makes life more bearable when my husband is away on business as we make the most of these times to shop together, spend time with her two adorable children or just catching up while sipping on a cappuccino.

I am blessed to still have my parents with me as I could not have asked for better parents – they have seen us all through bad and good times and we are a very close-knit family!!! Family is very important to me – thus I am so lucky to feel that Harcourts Pretor is my second family and I love spending time with them!