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Richard Morley

Richard Morley

Born in Durban but lived in the Eastern Cape for 20 years before moving to Pretoria in late 2013.


Expertise and Qualifications

I have completed 7 Two Oceans Marathons, 2 Comrades Marathons, 16 Ironman Events and over 20 other Marathons and Ultra Marathons. In addition, there have been 2 Argus and 3 Herald Cycle Races with numerous smaller cycle races as training events. Most of my races have been completed for various charities including Ironman 4 Kidz and Sunflower Foundation. While these achievements may seem insignificant it does demonstrate that I have the tenacity and will power to see a project through to its completion.


Having worked at a Building Society for 16 years and completed the relevant exams, I did obtain an insight of the workings of the property industry but being an agent on the ground presented its own challenges. As a Property Professional, I am working towards the relevant qualifications but in addition have the benefit of the training provided by Harcourts. Their commitment and dedication to training makes for a better agent. I do hold a Fidelity Fund Certificate.


Awards and Recognition:
When I arrived in Pretoria, it was without any form of network to fall back on and in addition, I was given an area where Harcourts had little or no representation for the previous 3 years. It meant starting from scratch.My accomplishments in sales during the last year meant I placed in the top ten of Harcourts Capital for 2017. As an agent, I believe in Exclusive Mandates as the premier marketing tool and have had a success rate of more than 90% with this sales method as well as selling the mandate within 10% of the list price and the proposed marketing period.


Sales Achievements:
I have sold property in excess of R24 million.


Mission Statement:
Selling property is all about the experience for both seller and buyer.
My mission is to create that awesome experience that will exceed both buyer and seller expectations and create hassle free transactions.